Faces of the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund: María Delfina Sotz Catú

María Delfina Sotz Catú

Age: 21 years old

Education: Business Secretary and Nursing Assistant

María Delfina Sotz Catú works as a nurse in one of the state’s largest hospitals, which serves people from all over the region, many with illnesses that require a specialist’s attention. As a nurse, María Delfina has more career opportunities than she had when she was looking for work as a business secretary and she enjoys her career. María Delfina’s patients often arrive at the hospital very ill and needing special attention to ease their pain and she enjoys helping them get better.

However, for María Delfina, the best part of her education and career is that she is able to stay united with her family. Her father works in the United States, but the rest of her family- her mother, her five siblings, and María Delfina are able to stay together. María Delfina hopes that her father will be able to return to them soon.

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One Response to Faces of the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund: María Delfina Sotz Catú

  1. Kay Sweeney says:

    Delfina worked hard to get where she is. She shows that persistence pays off as wekk as a little help from friends at La Madre de los Pobres and Linda Wheeler of Portland OR.

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