International Day of Rural Women

In honor of the International Day of Rural Women, which occurred last Saturday, on October 15th, we are sharing these findings from Catherine Bertini, the Chair of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and a member of the Coalition for Adolescent Girls.

In “Girls Grow: A Vital Force in Rural Economies”, Bertini states that “Rural adolescent girls are positioned to become powerful agents of change in their communities and nations,” and gives the following recommendations:
*Expand opportunities for rural adolescent girls to attend secondary school.
*Equip rural adolescent girls to be entrepreneurs, workers, and managers in the rural economy and beyond.
*Prepare rural adolescent girls to be major stakeholders in agriculture and natural resource management.
*Empower and provide opportunities for rural adolescent girls to have an active voice in household, community, and national decision making.
*Provide rural adolescent girls with comprehensive health information and services.
*Improve rural adolescent girls’ safety and security.
*Count girls and measure progress.

Keep reading to find out more about the Kateri Tekakwitha scholarship recipients and women’s groups. “If you want to change the world, invest in an adolescent girl. (Bertini, 2011)”

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3 Responses to International Day of Rural Women

  1. Kay Sweeney says:

    As a Kateri Tekakwitha Fund Board member, I have seen this happen. The young women who have participated in our scholarship program havenot only bettered their own lives, but have stayed in their villages and acted as models of what is possible for the other young women there. The Fund did a follow up study of the scholarship participants in the Fall of 2010. It showed clearly how it ha changed them and therefore contributed to change in their communities. The study is available from Kay sweeney, Managing Director of the Fund email:

  2. Jan Justice Oswald says:

    It is wonderful to know my small contribution helps in large ways to make the communities of the girls and women who receive help from the Kateri Tekakwiha Fund grow and prosper. My congratulations to Kay Sweeney, Managing Director for her great work. Jan Justice-Oswald

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