Giving Thanks

In the United States, November is a time to give thanks. For the young women of the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund it is also a time of thanks- as well as a time to enjoy their accomplishments. November is a time of graduation in Guatemala and the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund celebrates all of the graduates.

Luciana Telon Chuta, one of this year’s graduates, has this to say about her experience “Thanks to God, to my mother, and to the Kateri Fund, I have reached my goal. It is a great happiness and satisfaction for me to have the title as an elementary school teacher. I hope to find a job in a school to exercise my profession and help my family. I am very happy because, during my years of study, many things have happened, many obstacles, loss of hope, and difficulties, but above all I confronted these problems and I am about to finish my last year of high school study and my practice teaching with the children. I liked it all. It was where I could evaluate my disabilities, my distresses, and capacities in order to improve and overcome them in all my life and to be more secure in my development later in my future.

I thank my sponsor with all my heart, for having shared his friendship, affection, love, and above all the aid that he sent me for my studies. Thanks to the Kateri Fund for the opportunity and for giving me the space to be part of this program.”

Luciana Telon

Please check in again for more reflections from our graduates, as well as more information about the young women that make up the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund.

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