Paula de Carmen Cali Xocop


Paula is a 14 year old teenage girl, from San Juan Comalopa, Chimaltenango. She is currently in the 9th grade and hopes to continue to excel in her education; to give her and her family a better future. Her favorite subjects are Natural and Technical Sciences and Plastic Arts; which she studies without a problem. She gathers knowledge, strength, and motivation from her mother and teachers, as well as aid from the Kateri Fund. During Fund organized activities she demonstrates and expresses herself as a intelligent, active, and respectful woman. She has the support of her mother and six other siblings to continue on her education to improve her life.

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One Response to Paula de Carmen Cali Xocop

  1. kaysweeney says:

    Paula is a great young woman getting ready to move on to her high school career training as a early childhood teacher. It has been a pleasure to know her!

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