Blanca Luisa Surec Umul

?????????????????Blanca Luisa Surec Umul comes from a very hard working family in Tecpan Guatemala. Her father works as a farmer, and her mother weaves “guipiles” to sell. Guipiles are blouses that have flowers, animals and birds woven into the fabric. They are part of the typical dress of Guatemalan Indigenous women and girls.  Blanca and her siblings were also taught this art by their mother, so that they could support themselves. Getting a scholarship through the Kateri Fund, Blanca has been able to continue her studies in school. She is very dedicated to learning even if the subject is hard, like English. The skills that she learns from school, Blanca hopes to apply in the places she works.  She is currently pursuing the career of Tourism and Hotel Management. Blanca hopes that this experience will get her a good job, so that she can help her other siblings to go to school as well and better the lives of her family and community.

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    Understand you had breakfast with Barbara the other day. Was just wonderingif you heard anything about Hulda. Kathy


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