Monica Olsen, long time scholarship donor.

Monica Olsen, long time scholarship donor.

Lily Kari..

Lily Garcia

Monica Olsen has been a part of the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund since its beginning.  Over the years, she has sponsored seven scholars and interns.  She has supported the cause because it is truly life changing.   One, Lily Garcia, received her career training in computer science.  Another,  Estela Perez, was raised by a single mother in a cramped mud hut.  Monica’s support made it possible for her to get through school. One of the first things she did when she started working as an elementary school teacher was to build a spacious blockhouse where her family could live comfortably.  Now, with a family of her own, life is easier because of her education and Monica’s support.


Rosa Angelina Roquel

Rosa Angelina Roquel completed her career training for bookkeeping and has spent two years at the university in the pre-med program.  Married with a baby, she intends to go back to the university and become a doctor. Monica  said, “You begin to realize all of the privileges we have in this country.”  She says that the Kateri Fund is different from many organizations because you can see the direct effect of your contribution through the letters and photos from the women.  She has learned about the personal customs and traditions in Guatemala and how family life is emphasized.    She said,  “They seem so close to their families and very appreciative of how hard their parents work.”  In every letter she receives, Monica is overwhelmed by their gratitude for her support and how much it means to them.


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